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Expectations of the Creative Industries Expo at SXSW Austin, Texas

What is SXSW?

Could you imagine all of the greatest creative industries together under one sole event? What if I told you that there is, in fact, one? And yes, an event that covers all of them; tech, film, music, education, and culture (even comedy!).

Since 1887, South by Southwest (SXSW) has been held as one of the top worldwide creative events. Being home for new tendencies, education and cultural marks.

The Creative Industry Expo

The Creative Industry Expo is, in their own words: “the convergence of all industries on the cutting-edge of technology, design, social good, health + wellness, and more.”. It consists of a series of conferences and exhibits that are part of the mentioned areas.

This year, the expo will be composed of five pavilions where people will be able to enjoy the next topics: Innovation, Global, Social Impact, Entertainment and Health + Wellness. On the other hand, there will be five main areas of interest: Next Stage, Meet Up Pavilion, The Hub, Podcast Lounge and Conscious Conversations.

Regarding the companies that will be joining the room there are: Shutterstock.ia, Slack, Amazon Books, Blackmagic Design, Samsung, The Multiverse, Turkish Airlines, Porsche and many more.

What can we expect?

This event’s disruptive and innovative nature leaves a lot to imagination and excitement, for which new tendencies will come. There most likely be a mixture of social conscience, technological upgrade and creative innovation. Crypto, the Metaverse, Human-Computer Interfaces, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence will definitely make their debut towards a society that's moving into the full integration of these assets.

The growth of videos as the most successful media will not be left behind, as well as the ways creators are using them towards the creator economy and engagement tendencies.

And the umbrella topic under which everything will probably be turning around is freedom of speech. With a society that is constantly raising its voices after personal beliefs, justice and political opinions, along with heavy international conflicts being part of our present, it is inevitable for humans to express in every possible way everything that is going on; both in our minds and physical world.

Call it music, call it video games, call it comedy. You name it, someone will creat it.

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