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Reasons why Central America is best for Nearshore Outsourcing

Beautiful beaches and wonderful landscapes might not be the only thing you will associate Central America with. Countries in this area have been growing to develop into outsourcing hubs for many companies worldwide, becoming a desired destination when it comes to this.

Now, when it comes to what is nearshore outsourcing it can be understood as the act of hiring professional talent from a country different from where the headquarters are, but rather than choosing one located faraway, the closer the country, the better.

In a battle between insourcing vs outsourcing, which one is the best, you ask? Well in this case we will focus on the benefits of nearshore outsourcing so you can answer this question by yourself.

Lower Cost

Because of the socioeconomic and political differences between Central America and The United States or Canada, companies are able to find high quality workforce for a lower cost. Some of these countries, such as Costa Rica, are recognized for providing good quality education, which equates to cost-effective industry-ready professionals.

Cultural Similarities

When it comes to culture, there are many pieces of a society that have an impact on the way people work. As it can be inferred, the farthest the country, the strangest the cultural aspects between each other.

Outsourcing from a country nearby means there will be cultural aspects in common, life insights that will be shared and ways of working that are alike. Even ethics, values or the way people interact between peers and their leaders. Having this common land with the outsource means the workflow will go on with more ease and there will not be much time invested in contextualizing each of the parts.

Fast communication

Similar Time Zones is an enormous advantage. How many times have we had a small, yet crucial question? What happens if the person I need the answer from is 7 hours ahead? My question most definitely won’t be answered and the process will either be delayed or will go on with a flaw along the way. Having matching time zones is ideal for fluent communication.

Geographical proximity is also a great opportunity in case you have an important project you need to live supervise or maybe an important meeting, when having your outsource close the cost will be reduced in comparison to having them on the other side of the world.

In the end, pros and cons will always be there, we won’t deny it. But, if what you just read sounds like what your company is aiming to move forward to, nearshore outsourcing in Central America might be perfect for you. Taking the leap and beginning to enjoy all the benefits it comes along with might be the move you were waiting to make all along.

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